Mr Men and Little Miss in Polish

Mr. Men and Little Miss in Polish will encourage your bilingual child to read in Polish 

The world-famous Mr. Men and Little Miss series contains books with funny stories and timeless illustrations recommended for children of all ages. Polish and bilingual children in England know these stories from the English school or library, which is why these books are recommended for bilingual children to encourage them to read in Polish.

Why Mr. Men in Polish is recommended for Polish and bilingual children?

Children learning Polish as a foreign language in England and other countries outside of Poland are often keen to read English (or in another language of the environment) but reading in Polish is not always easy for them. The popular and well-known Mr. Men series is very often found at school or in the English library, which is why children know these books and their friendly characters.

Reading these books together with a bilingual child is a great opportunity to meet popular characters in another language, compare the Polish translation with the English original, talk about language differences, as well as great fun and a lot of laughter.

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