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      Little Miss Contrary
      Little Miss Contrary
      Little Miss Contrary
      Little Miss Contrary

      Little Miss Contrary

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      Little Miss Contrary, Polish translation, Roger Hargreaves

      See also: Mr. Men and Little Miss in Polish series 

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      Little Miss Contrary in Polish (Mała Buntowniczka) is the Polish translation of the famous book by Robert Hargreaves, it will help your bilingual child to read in Polish for pleasure.

      “Little Miss Contrary always says the opposite of what she really means. She lives in Muddleland. One day, Mr. Happy invites her to his birthday party. She haves a great time, but using contrary, she said it was dreadful. At the end of the book, it says for the readers, that Little Miss Contrary would say this is the "beginning" of the story.”

      Why Little Miss Contrary in Polish is recommended for Polish and bilingual children?

      Children learning Polish as a second language in UK and other countries are often keen to read English but reading in Polish is not always easy for them. 

      Polish and bilingual children in England know these stories from the English school or library, which is why they are recommended for bilingual children to encourage them to read in Polish.

      Reading these books together with a bilingual child is a great opportunity to meet Little Miss Contrary and other characters in another language, compare the Polish translation with the English original, talk about language differences, as well as great fun and a lot of laughter.

      For Polish and bilingual children we also recommend the following materials for reading in Polish 

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      Czytam sobie is a series of books similar to English reading programme (different levels of difficulty) 


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      Little Miss Contrary

      Little Miss Contrary

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