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Bilingual materials for schools and parents in the UK

Welcome to our bookstore dedicated to bilingual Polish/English children, parents and teachers. Our bookstore is dedicated to supporting bilingual education by providing high quality educational materials for Polish families and schools in the UK and in Europe.

‘Czytam i mówię po polsku’ means ‘I read, and I speak in Polish’ and our goal is to support parents and teachers of bilingual children by providing quality materials to help them to be fluent in speaking, reading, and writing in Polish as a second language. The company is based in Leicester and was established in 2011.

We are working with over 200 Polish Saturday schools in the UK and in Europe, and we are the main distributor of specialist Polish workbooks used in Saturday schools.

We also provide parents with Polish books to support independent reading and writing at home. Our offer grows each year and we currently have over 1500 titles on our website, including specialised workbooks for the Polish Saturday Schools, classic Polish literature, poems and tongue twisters, fun learning (games, crosswords, colouring books and word searches). 

What makes us stand out?

  • We guarantee fast shipping (24 h) from a warehouse in the UK, a wide selection of materials and great customer service
  • We work with experts in bilingualism, child development, authors and translators
  • A unique offer tailored to the needs of bilingual children for whom Polish is a minority language

An exclusive edition of the Nobel Prize-winning book by Władysław Reymont

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