Lubię polski 1 - Guide for a teacher
  • Lubię polski 1 - Guide for a teacher
  • Lubię polski 1 - Guide for a teacher
Lubię polski 1 - Guide for a teacher
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Lubię polski! 1 - poradnik dla nauczyciela,

Author: Agnieszka Rabiej

Guide for a teacher or parent for learning Polish as a second language 

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Guide for a teacher or parent is a part of series designed for children 6-10 years old learning Polish as their second language written by Agnieszka Rabiej

Based on the author’s research into teaching Polish abroad, it meets the practical requirements of young students, their students, their parents and teachers at Polish community schools in the UK, USA and Australia. 

The course has been prepared in consultation with teachers working at bilingual schools, who have carefully tested and assessed its methodology. The texts and exercises, their graphic layout, teaching methods and techniques have been adapted to the developmental potential and needs of children aged 6-10 years. 

Lubię polski offers child-friendly modern and amply illustrated material to be used both at Polish community schools abroad and in teaching bilingual children.

What does the Lubię polski series includes? 

Lubię polski series consists of two sets of teaching materials 

Lubię polski 1 

Lubię polski 2

Each of them comprises:

-student’s book 


-reading book

-Two CDs with audio recordings 

-Teacher’s book 


Data sheet

Rabiej A.

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